Amber Art and Design Educator's Guide

created by Jordan Gryscavage

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We are pleased to share the work of our intern Jordan Gryscavage who developed “Amber Art and Design Educator’s Guide,” a series of lesson plans based on our collective’s past mural and community engagement projects. This resource is now available for all educators and teaching artists to utilize in their class curriculums.

Jordan is an Art Educator, completing her M.A. in Art History/Arts Management and Certificate in Community Arts from Temple University in Philadelphia. Her interests lie in the intersection of art education and community outreach. Her work experience includes secondary level art education, the Mercer Museum, Land Art Agency, and Amber Arts. Her goal is to work in Museum Education and programming. As an educator, she strives to inspire creative curiosity.  Jordan’s art practice combines environmental exploration with an emphasis on color and experience. 



Spring 2023

Lead Artist(s)

Jordan Gryscavage