FEATURED: Mary McLeod Bethune Schoolyard Mural




Our Mission

Amber Art and Design is grounded in the belief that art catalyzes positive growth.

Our team specializes in murals, public interventions, and creative facilitation, responding to community needs.  We use art as a tool to actively engage people in the design of public spaces, guided by three pillars of work: the design and fabrication of public art, community engagement, and arts education with a specific focus on environmental justice.


What We Do

We engage and collaborate with people in public spaces to create public works of art that tell a story. Collaboration is at the core of our work as we create art that shares the stories, cultures and lived experiences of the multitudes of individuals we connect with.


We’re committed to creating inclusive and accessible public spaces that support the needs of a community. We have worked as consultants for the development of several large scale public art projects, architectural designs for public spaces, artist residencies, community programs and engagement processes.


Our designs are unique works of art, informed by extensive studies of art, culture and nature. We facilitate a community driven process for designing public works of art through development of creative and engaging public programs.


We believe the arts are a catalyst for thinking, expression and connection; providing an inclusive way to explore various themes and subjects for all types of learners. Our unique curriculum allows students to experiment with materials and techniques as they investigate the world around them using an inquiry based approach. We encourage collaboration and creative problem solving through art making and educational workshops for all ages.


As public artists we value the process of community engagement, with the belief that neighbor-informed community development comes from relationship building, story sharing, and investment of resources. Every neighborhood has artists, creatives, activists, families, and young people, who hold community history, knowledge, and expertise on the priorities, concerns, strengths, and challenges of the area.


Using a variety of techniques we have fabricated over 60 interior and exterior public works of art ranging in size and complexity. We work in partnership with our clients and the public to transform ideas into works of art that are educational and engaging.


Our Work

Each of our members have over 15 years of experience initiating community engagement through the creation of public art. Our services have been rendered in partnership and collaboration with schools, community organizations, arts organizations, museums, universities, city entities and individuals in various U.S. cities and internationally.


We work with a wide range of clients including community organizations, museums, universities, public schools and recreation centers, city entities, and individuals. We seek to work with clients who share our values for collaboration, connection and community.

Mural Arts Philadelphia
City of Philadelphia - Mural Arts Program
Leeway Foundation
Puffin Foundation
Allentown Art Museum
Albright-Knox Art Gallery
African American Museum in Philadelphia
The Barnes Foundation
Moore College of Art & Design
Delaware River - Waterfront Corporation
Philadelphia Museum of Art
Rhode Island State Council on the Arts
University of Pennsylvania
The Trust for Public Land

We are proud to be fiscally sponsored by Fractured Atlas! 

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