El Ritmo Del Centro

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The mural reflects how culture and history shape our sense of home and what it means to be part of the multicultural diaspora in Fairhill. The inspiration comes from Losas Criollas of Puerto Rico and ornamental tiles of Spain and Morocco, which became popular throughout Latin America and the Caribbean through colonization of these lands.

Amber Art hosted community workshops where Fairhill residents created symbols that represent their culture to remix this narrative and proclaim the identity of their community. More than 250 community members were involved in the process of designing symbols, painting and installing this 5000 square foot mural. This mural was painted and installed by: Linda Fernandez, Keir Johnston, Nila Devaney, Justin Keller, Kate Welbes, Nestor Rodriguez, Antonia Kimball, Madalyn Smith, Dayannah Woody-Stokes, Mycah Dickerson, Jessica Jackson, Zoe Hicks, Kristian Casanas, JuanCarlos Valencia Michileno, Carlos Renteria, Jessika Carvajal and Ysanel Torres.




5th St. and Allegheny Ave.

Philadelphia, PA


May 2023


City of Philadelphia and the Office of Art Culture and Creative Economy (OACCE)


  • HACE
  • TallerPR
  • Rebuild

Lead Artist(s)

Linda Fernandez, Ernel Martinez and Keir Johnston