Pleasantville Bus Station

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Sponsored by The City of Pleasantville and Neighborhood Preservation Program.

 The revival of the Pleasantville NJ bus terminal on West Jersey Avenue and Main Street began with learning the history of the town and more specifically the history of the station itself. Behind the busy terminal lies a railroad once used for passengers to travel from Atlantic City to New York City on a train called “The Blue Comet-The Seashores Finest Train”. It was a luxurious ride with fine dining at affordable prices and upscale décor. The final run of the Blue Comet was in 1941 and now those tracks are used for freight trains. The current building, now a bus station, was a hub for undesirable activities but with help from the city and splash of color, is now a desirable place to catch a ride!



Pleasantville, NJ




The City of Pleasantville and Neighborhood Preservation Program

Lead Artist(s)

Charles Barbin & Randi Meekins